USA's Top Fishing Tournaments

#10 Trout Season's Opening Day

Location: Montauk State Park, Bennett Spring State Park, & Roaring River State Park - Missouri

Opening Day of Missouri's Catch and Keep Trout Season begins on March 1st. Four separate trout parks will celebrate the opening day which includes Montauk State Park, Salem; Bennett Spring State Park, Lebanon; Roaring River State Park, Cassville; and Maramec Spring Park, St. James. Each park offers out of this world fishing in beautiful clear blue waters. Thousands of Anglers celebrate this Ozark tradition along with hundreds of visitors who come annually to fish, hike, and enjoy the scenery.

#9 Yamaha's Contender Miami Billfish Tournament

Location: Miami Beach Marina - Southeast Florida

The Yamaha Contender Miami Billfish Tournament is one of the USA's most popular deep sea fishing tournaments. It has been occurring annually for the past thirty years. The tournament takes place on the docks of the Miami Beach Marina and the event itself offers hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, almost $240,000.00 dollars worth to be exact. The tournament takes place during late March.

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#8 Lake Havasu's City Striper Derby

Location: Lake Havasu - Arizona

Each May the Western Outdoor News team arranges a fishing tournament for striped bass anglers along Lake Havasu. This western striper tournament attracts fisherman from all across the country and invites them to compete for more than $100,000.00 dollars worth of prizes. This competition is extra special because it offers varying classes of competition making it a superb event for beginning to veteran anglers. Plus, every entry receives a hat, shirt, and swag bag. Not to mention, that Saturday a beach BBQ Party is held to add to the fun along with an award ceremony on Sunday.

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#7 Pompano Beach's Fishing Rodeo

Location: Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale - Florida

Since 1965, South Florida has held a two day Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo every 3rd Weekend in May. This specific event has been hosted annually for at least fifty years, needless to say it is now considered a tradition. The event features both anglers and spectators alike in a large variety of tournaments. There will be an opening party, captain's meeting, and awards ceremony.

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#6 Lake Champlain's International Fishing Derbyv

Location: Lake Champlain Fisheries, Burlington - Vermont

Each year in the middle of June, USA's biggest and oldest freshwater fishing derby is held in Lake Champlain. The Lake Champlain International Fishing Derby features a large variety of prizes that exceeds an upwards of $300,000.00 dollars.

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#5 Big Rock's Blue Marlin Tournament

Location: Atlantic Beach - North Carolina

As a Crystal Coast Tradition, The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is held each year on Atlantic Beach in mid June. 100 competitors are invited to compete in the cash categories of this week long event. Visitors are welcome to view the weigh ins, enjoy themselves at the Captain's Party, watch the fireworks, and visit the vendors.

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#4 Del Brown's Permit Tournament

Location: Key West - Florida

This Key West Fly Only Fishing Tournament is held annually to commemorate the passing of Del Brown, the only angler to have caught over five hundred permit on one fly rod in history. The event began in 2001 and has since become one of the most popular Fly fishing events in the United States.

#3 White Marlin Open

Location: Harbour Island, Ocean City - Maryland

The White Marlin Open is the largest billfish tournament in the world. Each and every fish caught must be weighed on the Harbour Island official scale daily during the hours of 4pm to 9:15pm. The best part of the weigh ins is that are they free of charge and open to the entire public. The week long tournament features lottery sized fortunes for catching white marlin, tuna, dolphin, blue marlin, shark, and wahoo. Over four hundred boats will participate in the tournament for more the three million in prizes.

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#2 Big Bass Splash

Location: Kentucky Lake - Tennessee

The Big Bass Splash attracts hundreds of thousands of novice anglers annually. This particular Sealy Outdoors amatuer tournament is the largest of its kind in the world and has been established since 1984. Each year in mid August, the Big Bass Splash tournament offers over $85,000.00 in prizes.

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#1 Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

Location: Kona Coast - Hawaii

For the last 52 years in mid August, the big Island of Hawaii has been home to the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament. This special tournament has been regarded as the Grandfather tournament of all big game fishing tournaments. The event itself features teams of some of the world's best anglers who compete off the shore of the magnificent Kona Coast. The Saturday after the event an awards ceremony will be held to name the winner of the grand Governor's Trophy.

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