Top Catfishing Guides

#1 Keith Sutton's Fishing for Catfish: The Complete Guide for Catching Big Channels, Blues, and Flatheads

The Complete Guide for Catching Big Channels, Blues, and Flatheads will give you all the information you need about angling catfish. Sutton divulges into catfish biology, where to locate them, what gear to use, as well as tips/tricks on how to catch each species efficiently. By the end of the guide you will be a literary catfish expert with the tools you need on how to effectively catch, clean, and cook one.

#2 The Catfish Hunters' by Bussolini

Bussolini believes that in order to effectively catch a catfish one must understand its habitats and feeding habits. Thus, one must think like a catfish in order to catch a catfish. The Catfish Hunters' provides you with a plethora of information from how to conveniently manipulate a rig to catch multiple catfish in one location to the best times to head out to fish. He also covers which water columns each species resides in and what baits they prefer.

#3 Catfish Fishing by Robert Z. Cohen

Catfish Fishing is a great piece of angler literature as it gives you incredible insight on the most common types of freshwater catfish like blues, channels, flatheads, and bullheads. The guide covers techniques on how each species is caught, what bodies of water they are found in, and how to resourcefully fish in these locations.

Catfish guides and literature can be exceptionally helpful for beginning anglers and expert anglers alike. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more you grow. You can find these three incredible guides in stores as well as online along with several other catfishing pieces of literature.

Catfish Guide Books - Keith Sutton's Fishing Guide, Bussolini Catfishing Guide and Catfish Fishing by Robert Z. Cohen