All About The Oscar Fish Species

75 Gallon Fish Tank

The Oscar has been a household fish for about twenty centuries. It was first a form of food in South America. The Oscar’s alternative name is Velvet Cichlid. The Oscar is referred to this because of their velvety outer appearance. Their tiny scales create this effect.

Oscar fish are great pets because they live for ten years or longer. These fish also grow larger with each passing year. They can grow up to fifteen inches long and six inches tall. Beware, they are awesome pets to have but are quite costly. You must have at least a 55 gallon tank for a young pair of Oscar fish. A 75 gallon tank could be required once they are full grown. It is best to begin with a 75 gallon tank in order to avoid a tank upgrade.

Two filters are required with Oscar fish. A top tank power filter is needed as well as a gravel filter. Two filters are necessary because Oscar fish are very messy. They cause messes as they eat and when they digest. You need to keep your tank clean in order to keep your Oscar fish from getting sick. They are prone to a disease called Hexamita. This disease is commonly known as a hole in the head disease. Parasites can cause this by crowding their brains with a combination of vitamin lack. If your Oscar fish begins to show pimples on its head then this is a clear sign of Hexamita. It is fully treatable with constant care but can lead to death. Your Oscar fish will have permanent scars.

Oscar fish can be very aggressive towards one another but favor people. They will wait for their meals and follow your finger. It is best to get two Oscar fish from very young ages and have them grow up together to create a bond. Oscar fish that create this bond are especially devoted and mate for life. It is extremely difficult to introduce two estranged adult Oscars. They can become violent. But do not fear, if that is avoided and they are handled with care, you may have a friend for life!