Best Catfishing Gear

Catfish had its heyday in late 1800s, before Americans went crazy about largemouth bass. In other words, prior to 1960s, catfish was considered very good and was very highly desired. Despite a certain level of love decrease and those bass tournaments, catfishing has never ceased and is still very much alive. Tackle manufacturers might have forgotten about catfish anglers, but the need for products never disappeared because Americans continued fishing. Recently, the kind of rebirth of catfish has taken place; as it turns out, catfish has great qualities and mild tasting meat. Millions of fishermen have never ceased pursuing this great, abundant, and fun to catch fish.
As a result of this trend, manufacturers started paying attention to catfishing needs again and so sturdy rods and reels, special baits, hooks, bobbers, and lines have been introduced in recent times. Here is a list of 15 great products that every catfishing lover would enjoy:

1. Renegade Tackle Ming Yang CL70A Baitcaster ($68)

This tool works wonders during big catfish catching. The star drag is smooth and it includes dual break system. That trophy fish can be reeled in pretty fast thanks to a powerful 4.2:1 gear ratio. Spool system is free-floating and provides for longer casting due to 260 yards of 25 pound-test-line. The ball bearings are stainless and so are bail and counterweight. And every sportsman will love a big power handle.

2. Penn Defiance Combo ($109)

This great combo is very affordable and gives you a lot of wonderful features for the money. The trip to the boat will be very short for your fish because you will be working with graphite frame level-wind and star-drag. Anodized aluminum spool with sideplates will cut weight while stainless bearings will help the entire operation feel smooth. Finally, you have a large handle knob for your ultimate comfort.

3. South Bend Ready 2 Fish Combos ($39)

This set is great for beginner catfish anglers. It includes hooks, sinkers, and bobbers. They are all stored in a sturdy plastic tackle box, so you don't have to worry about losing them while figuring out the art of catfishing. Aluminum spool spinning is oversized for comfort. The rod is made of fiberglass, 7 foot long, light but heavy duty that can sustain medium to heavy load.

4. Big Ten Tackle Bobber with a Brain ($5)

The bobber will lay flat when it first hits the surface, then the sinker sinks to the bottom, the bobber fills with water and tilts up, so at all stages you know your position. When it tilts up, the steel-ball "brain" rolls down to the magnet and your lines get locked in a perfect position between the ball and the magnet. Your line is kept straight from sinker up to the surface.

5. Team Catfish Super Cat Hooks ($12/ 6-10 hook pack)

These hooks are made to catch big and feisty fish. Super Circles are of high-carbon wire and a slight offset so that you could load the bait easily. Available sizes are 12/0, 10/0, and 9/0. The technology is of J-hooks is the same as used in Europe for big 200-pound deep well-dwelling catfish.

6. Team Catfish Sinker Slidez, Sinker Bumpers ($7 for 12 Slidez, $3 for 14 Bumpers)

Sinker Slidez can be removed or changed without cutting the line and this feature comes very handy. Catfish doesn't feel the weight when pulled because line moves through the slide. Soft rubber Sinker Bumper's main mission is to protect your line and knot.

7. Cabela's King Kat Braided Fishing Line ($14-$39)

This is a new product and it works great. You have small-diameter, made of Spectra fiber-nylon tracer construction line that is crafted to perfection to fight with strong catfish in environments that are full of cover and vegetation. Nylon tracer neutralizes the line and increases the stretch by 5%. Your catfish has no chance with this extra hookset forgiveness.

8. Berkley Trilene XL Armor Coated ($8-$9 6 to 20 pound test)

The Berkley Trilene has been popular for a long time, and the newly updated version is sure to bring fishing success. XL armor coated version works great for anglers who fish in line-damaging cover conditions. Tough sheath and flexible core make the line 40% more tear resistant and 30% more flexible than the old version.

9. Vicious All Purpose Line ($8 for pound spool)

Thanks to advanced copolymer, this new line offers low stretch, great sensitivity, extreme tear tolerance, and short-term memory. All of those attributes are highly desirable by all catfish anglers. The line comes in low visibility green and low visibility clear colors.

10. Magic Bait Cebo ($5 for 15-oz tube)

Catfish are attracted to aromas, so asafetida fragrant resin was long-used by fishermen. This Magic Bait Cebo dip bait contains asafetida, which is rare and hard to find.

11. Magic Bait Big Squeeze, Bait Pod ( $4 for 4 1/2-oz tube, $4 for 2 bait pods)

One part of fishing that nobody looks forward to is getting that smell on the hands while handling the bait. You don't need to do that anymore with this prepared bait. All you have to do is squeeze it into Bait Pod and you are ready to go without having to wash your hands. All the bad smell is absorbed by the water.

12. Team Catfish Sudden Impact ($4-$29)

No 6. treble hook goes into this Sudden Impact bucket and comes out ready for submersion. It is great for summer use because it's sticky and thus can handle any heat you will throw at it.

13. Team Catfish Fish Grips ($16)

Nobody wants to put their fingers into the jaws of those big mouths. You can now save your hands by using this tool that snaps on the jaws and holds it tight. Those grips won't drown because they float on water. Measuring is a breeze due to a hole made for the scale.

14. Plano Bucket Top Stowaway

You can attach this container to a standard 5-gallon bucket and you will have a multi-functional carrying container. You have 18 compartments to work with, so your hooks will never get mixed up. The lids are see-through, so no need to open anything before finding the needed gear.

15. Frabill Crawler Can ($14)

You want to have this container to keep your live crawlers, leeches, and bait cool on steamy summer days. There are dual compartments, so you can separate your baits. You can use ice on the bottom to cool bait. The lid keeps water in tightly.