Top Catfish Rods and Reels


#7 E-Cat - Price: $70.00

Anglers aiming to catch 100 pound trophy catfish should look into utilizing the new heavy duty E-glass rod. The E-glass has proven to subdue even the fiercest tackle wrecking whiskered warriors. The casting and spinning models of the rod harness powerful stainless steel guides, a solid full cork handle, and aluminum oxide inserts.

#6 Mudcat - Price: $40.00

Berkeley's newest rod is the durable and fairly inexpensive Mudcat. Valued at an awesome low price of $40 and built to defend against even the craziests of mega-cats, the Mudcat is designed entirely out of fiberglass with a shrink wrapped rubber handle and guides that are double footed to give you the ultimate leverage. The Mudcat is meant for moderate to moderate fast action speeds.

#5 GlowStik - Price: $50.00

Berkeley created the GlowStik to eliminate frustrations that can sometimes be associated with night fishing. The re-introduction of the second generation GlowStik features a specialized one touch red LED core that is battery operated to create a rod that continually glows for better strike sighting. The GlowStik comes complete with strong guides, fiberglass blanks, and an extended full rubber handle.

#4 Supercat - Price: $36.00 - $85.00

Rippin Lips has produced a new series of Supercat rods the included a 10FT and 12FT medium heavy spinners fully engineered for launching casts and hooking fish relentlessly from a great distance. The Supercat is constructed with a strong yet light and sensitive E-glass/S-glass/Graphite blank, 8 stainless steel chrome plated guides, as well as a high visibility glow tip.

#3 Tec Cat - Price: $100

Boat anglers will love the new Tec Cat rod, while bank fisherman with love the new Tec Cat Hunter. Each series features a blank construction that is extremely durable and built from heavy duty components with oversized handles/guides. The Tec Cat is made for moderate to fast action speeds, while the Tec Cat Hunter is made for moderate fast to fast action speeds ideal for long casts. The main difference between the rods is that the Tec Cat Hunter runs longer at either 7FT, 8FT, or 9FT.

#2 Prostaff - Price: $90.00

B'n'M was among one of the very first angler based companies to create a rod specifically for big river fishing and drifting tactics. This 7FT 1 inch bumping rod offers a stiff blank, a stainless steel tipped eyelet and is built to handle swift currents.

#1 Chad Ferguson - Price: $75.00 - $95.00

The pro guide, Chad Ferguson, has spent the last few years perfecting his line of state of the art rods. These S-glass rods are built with graphite-carbon fiber blanks and high visibility tips that create a combined strength with refined sensitivity. The Ferguson collection of spinning and casting rods debuts extra long, cork composite handles with foregrip.


#5 Ambassadeur 6500 - Price: $150.00 - $170.00

The Ambassadeur is truly a one of a kind reel. Not only is the Ambassadeur colorful, it is also catfish emblazoned with 3 stainless steel bearings, an extra smooth carbon matrix drag, a roller-bearing system (separate), an extended power knob handle, as well as a synchronized levelwind system. Plus, the 7000 model contains 420 yards of 40lb braid.

#4 Big Cat XT Conventional - Price: $73.00

Zebco has recently come out with two new models of conventionally styled catfishing reels: the Big Cat XT30 and the Big Cat XT 350. The Big Cat XT 30 is a trolling reel able to hold up to 455 yards of 30lb mono. The Big Cat XT 350 is a baitcaster able to hold up to 200 yards of 20lb mono. Both reels are comprised of graphite frames and aluminum spools with a 4.2:1 ratio.

#3 Big Cat XT Spincast - Price: $36.00

The Big Cat XT Spincast, also by Zebco, features a durable medium to heavy reel that is titanium nitride plated with a stainless steel spinner head. The spin cast is ultimately designed to reduce friction and add strength. Plus, the retrieve can be utilized in the left or right direction and hosts a noteworthy 2.6:1 ratio.

#2 Quantum Iron PT - Price: $200

The Quantum Iron PT is the ideal oversized baitcasting reel to utilize while fishing for trophy sized catfish. With 7 stainless steel bearings, an extra large power handle, 1 spool click tension knob, a lightweight aluminum frame, massive line capacity, and adjustable centrifugal cast control - it is hard to say what the Quantum Iron PT reel can not do.

#1 Bass Pro Shops CatMaxx - Price: $69.00

The CatMaxx baitcasting reel is built to withstand against heavyweight catfish in even the swiftest of currents. The reel features an all in one aluminum frame complete with aluminum sideplates, a stainless steel and teflon 6 disc drag stack, four brass bearings, a magnetic brake as well as a impressive 5.2:1 ratio.